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Participating Artists: Cold Cuts Video Festival VIII: Real Dreams

Dana Claxton, He Who Dreams, 50:32, 2013

Serena Lee, Kinds of Caves & Wholes & Parts, 5:00, 2018

Jorge Lozano Lorza, The Butterfly Effect, 6:44, 2018

Mike Hoolboom, Imitation of Life, 75:00, 2003

Jeneen Frei-Njootli, Being Skidoo, 9:52, 2017

Real Dream is the eight annual curated video art exhibition that explores the ways in which five contemporary Canadian artists traverse the sometimes entangled space between dreams and realities, and examines how these notions intersect with community, landscape, politics, and identity, and can be used to envision new potentialities.

Participating Artists: Cold Cuts Video Festival VII: Imagined Futures

Skawennati, She Falls for Ages, 21:02, 2016

Deirdre Logue & Allyson Mitchell, Hers Is Still a Dank Cave: Crawling Toward a Queer Horizon, 24:32, 2016

Thirza Cuthand, Reclamation, 13:35, 2019

Kelly Richardson, Orion Tide, 20:00, 2013-2014

Camille Turner, Jérôme Havre, & Cauleen Smith, Triangle Trade, 14:31, 2017

Imagined Futures is the seventh annual curated video art exhibition featuring Canadian artists using imagined futurescapes to investigate identity and politics and place to critique and reflect, and to envision new potentialities.

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Participating Artists Cold Cuts Video Festival VI: There’s something in the way

Association for Decentering Landscapes (ADL), Land Also Moves, 12:55, 2016

Tanya Lukin Linklater, The treaty is in the body, 2017

Amanda Boulos, Round and Round the Rouche We Go, 5:44, 2015

Liz Knox, Something in the Way, 4:00, 2015

2018 Program Curator: Christina Battle

Originally from Edmonton (AB), Christina Battle has been an active member of a number of communities including Toronto, San Francisco, and Denver and is currently based in London (ON). With a practice founded in a DIY ethos she sees culture as being entirely dependent on it if it hopes to remain current and progressive. Her research and work consider to the parameters of disaster; looking to it as action, as more than mere event and instead as a framework operating within larger systems of power. Strategies for actively working through this research manifest through the organizing and curating of film/video screenings, exhibitions and events, seen as a way to facilitate conversation and bring people together to engage in shared experiences. Through this part of her practice, Battle sees her role as one of a facilitator who can help to shape space for others’ voices to be heard, who can contribute to actively diversifying both artistic spaces and their audiences and who can provide opportunities for critical engagement with conversations that might not otherwise occur within artistic institutions. She has exhibited internationally in festivals and galleries, most recently at: : 8-11 (Toronto), Nuit Blanche (Toronto), Galveston Artist Residency (Texas), Studio XX (Montréal), Le Centre des arts actuels Skol as part of Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal (Montréal), Thames Art Gallery (Chatham, ON), Casa Maauad (Mexico City); and SOMArts (San Francisco). Christina is a contributing editor to INCITE Journal of Experimental Media, and current collaborative projects include: re:assemblage with Scott Miller Berry; and SHATTERED MOON ALLIANCE with Serena Lee.

Cold Cuts Logo 2017

Partipating Artists Cold Cuts Video Festival V: Cosmic Histories

Patrick Bernatchez, Lost in Time, 46:00, 2009-2015

Camille Turner, The Final Frontier, Part I & Part II

Skawennati, TimeTraveller™, 9 Episodes, 75:00

David Tomas, Rum and Coca Cola, 17:00, 1992

Program Curator: Kate Armstrong

Kate Armstrong is a Vancouver-based artist, writer and curator. As a curator Armstrong has 15 years experience producing exhibitions, events and publications in contemporary art and technology in Vancouver and internationally. She founded Upgrade Vancouver as part of an international network of art and technology organizations in 30 cities, was a founder of the Goethe Satellite, an initiative of the Goethe Institut that produced ten exhibitions in Vancouver between 2011-2013, and is past acting Executive Director and President of the board of the Western Front (2007-2014). Armstrong was an Artistic Director of the 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA2015), which partnered with 15 galleries and organizations including the Vancouver Art Gallery, the New Media Gallery, and the Museum of Vancouver to present the work of over 160 artists in Vancouver in 2015.

Cold Cuts Logo 2016 croppedPartipating Artists 2016: Disrupting Binaries

Kelly Mark, 108 Lezton Avenue, 10:13, DV, 2014

Marina Roy, The Floating Archipelago, 6:20, Animation, 2015

Amanda Dawn Christie, Off Route 2, 10:30, 35mm, 2011

Lisa Birke, Calendar Girls, 4:00, HDV, 2014

Leslie Supnet, Gains & Loses, 2:39, Animation, 2014; First Son, 2:30, Animation, 2014; How to Care for Introverts, 1:48, Animation, 2014; Second Sun, 3:04, Animation, 2014; sunmoonstarsrain, 3:20, Animation, 2014

Curated by Corinna Ghaznavi

cold 2015

Participating Artists 2015: Faking It

Alex Bag, Untitled (Project for Whitney Museum) 38 min, 2009

General Idea, Test Tube, 28:15 min, 1979

Ai WeiWei, Dumbass, 5:15, 2012

Curated by Nicole Rayburn

Cold Cuts 2014

Participating Artists 2014: Revel In It

Ryan Trecartin: I-Be Area (108:00) 2007 (*screening only)

Pipilotti Rist: I’m Not the Girl Who Misses Much (7:46) 1986

Kent Monkman: Mary (3:18) 2011

Stephen Andrews & John Greyson: On Message (9:05) 2006

Istvan Kantor: Anti-Christ: Neoist Hokey-Pokey (5:30) 2010

Kelly Richardson: Twilight Avenger (5:40) 2008

Jeremy Bailey: Transhuman Dance Recital #1 (6:29) 2007

Lisa Birke Red Carpet (15:00) 2013

Curated by Nicole Rayburn

Cold Cuts Video Festival 2013_ Participating Artists Participating Artists 2013

FASTWÜRMS Telepathacats  (3:20) 2003

Deirdre Logue Pond (4:30) 2012

Dana Claxton The Hill (3:49) 2004

Jennifer Campbell Precipitate (3:43) 2010

Paul Wong (Rebecca Belmore) Vigil 5.4 (8:29) 2010

Veronica Verkley The Long Now (40:00) 2013

Paul Wong Storm (7:30) 2009

Christina Battle Tracking Sasquatch (field report #1) (5:00) 2010

Curated by Nicole Rayburn

Cold Cuts Video Festival 2015

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