2018 Participating Artists

2018 Participating Artists (click image or name for more info):

Association for decentering_Land also movesAssociation for Decentering Landscapes, Land Also Moves, 2016

Land Also Moves by the Toronto based collective (Rouzbeh Akhbari, Felix Kalmenson, and Ash Moniz), stages a performance for camera that references the resources used to create infrastructures in Hongsibu (China) in the early 2000’s. Using cars as ‘actors,’ and trees within the environment as a theatrical stage, symbols referencing the structural elements that came to become emblems of development move across the frame drawing attention to issues related to urbanization and land reclamation.

Linklater_The Treaty is in the BodyTanya Lukin Linklater, The treaty is in the body, 2017, Photo credit: Liz Lott

The Treaty is in the Body transmits Indigenous understandings of Canadian treaty relationships via the body. By framing the treaties as embodied, and ‘the body as a way to know – a way to transmit knowledge,’ the work calls for non-Indigenous viewers to consider our own relationships with the treaties that have so drastically reframed Indigenous experiences.

Amanda Boulos_Round Round we goAmanda Boulos, Round and Round the Rouche We Go, 2015

Round and Round the Rouche We Go juxtaposes found footage of two men’s attempts—and ultimate failures—to document the beauty of the Rouche, Beirut’s national and natural monument. The video acts as a metaphor of the confusion surrounding the Lebanese Civil War and the people involved.

Liz Knox Something in the wayLiz Knox, Something in the way, 2015

Composed of text found online of a fan’s interpretation of the Nirvana song of the same name, Knox’s work considers translation as a way to frame the personal and the distances between the popular and the intimate.

2018 Curator: Christina Battle


Originally from Edmonton (AB), Christina Battle has been an active member of a number of communities including Toronto, San Francisco, and Denver and is currently based in London (ON). With a practice founded in a DIY ethos she sees culture as being entirely dependent on it if it hopes to remain current and progressive. Her research and work consider to the parameters of disaster; looking to it as action, as more than mere event and instead as a framework operating within larger systems of power. Strategies for actively working through this research manifest through the organizing and curating of film/video screenings, exhibitions and events, seen as a way to facilitate conversation and bring people together to engage in shared experiences. Through this part of her practice, Battle sees her role as one of a facilitator who can help to shape space for others’ voices to be heard, who can contribute to actively diversifying both artistic spaces and their audiences and who can provide opportunities for critical engagement with conversations that might not otherwise occur within artistic institutions. She has exhibited internationally in festivals and galleries, most recently at: : 8-11 (Toronto), Nuit Blanche (Toronto), Galveston Artist Residency (Texas), Studio XX (Montréal), Le Centre des arts actuels Skol as part of Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal (Montréal), Thames Art Gallery (Chatham, ON), Casa Maauad (Mexico City); and SOMArts (San Francisco). Christina is a contributing editor to INCITE Journal of Experimental Media, and current collaborative projects include: re:assemblage with Scott Miller Berry; and SHATTERED MOON ALLIANCE with Serena Lee. http://cbattle.com/


Cold Cuts Video Festival 2018