Camille Turner

Camille Turner_Final Frontier
Camille Turner, Sobaz Benjamin, Karen Turner, & Lee Turner, Final Frontier Part 1 & Part 2, 2007-2010

The Final Frontier is an ongoing performance that chronicles the voyage of African Astronauts, descendants of the Dogon people of West Africa who have returned to earth after 10,000 years to save the planet. Through The Final Frontier Camille Turner and her collaborators Sobaz Benjamin, Karen Turner and Lee Turner investigate the mythic Canadian landscape using Afrofuturism, an artistic and cultural movement that draws from digital culture and history to posit alternative futures that center Blackness. The series of performances that comprise the Final Frontier stem from Turner’s exploration of home and her frequent experience of feeling like a “stranger in a strange land.” Beginning with a performance that took place in 2007 in Lethbridge and the surrounding landscape, the project went on to include performances in Toronto and Kamloops.

Camille Turner_Final Frontier_ii

Camille Turner is a Jamaican-born, Toronto-based media/performance artist and educator. She is the founder of Outerregion, a company that produces intercultural exchanges and dialogue. Turner has presented interventions, installations and public engagements throughout Canada and internationally. Her current focus is bringing hidden and erased histories to life through place-based explorations. Examples include HUSH HARBOUR and The Resistance of Peggy Pompadour, sonic walks that animate historic Toronto’s Black geographies and TimeWarp, an Afrofuturist cellphone adventure in which participants use their smartphones as time machines in order to experience the future or past. Turner’s current projects engage historians, archivists and citizen researchers to help recover the stories of enslaved people.

Distribution courtesy of Camille Turner

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