Marina Roy


Marina Roy, The Floating Archipelago, 6:20, Animation, 2015

The Floating Archipelago is a sci-fi feminist ecological utopia arising in the wake of a cosmic cataclysm – ‘nature’ takes on a supernatural nature, and three women come to be caretakers of surviving animals – in the spirit of Noah’s Ark or Dr. Doolittle. The animation is created using adhesive acrylic vinyl, inspired formally and materially from folk art, craft, and the bold paper cut collage style of Matisse’s later works.

Cross-disciplinary in scope, my artwork investigates the intersection between materials, history, language, and ideology. It is my hope that the work addresses the need for a post-humanist perspective, counter to the dictates of humanistic hubris and its entrapment within binary power dynamics. Art can act as a bridge between culture and nature, ethics and drive.
The foundations of my research are in psychoanalysis, biopolitics, human-animal distinction, feminism, allegory, art history, and linguistics.

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Cold Cuts Video Festival 2016