Leslie Supnet


Leslie Supnet, Gains & Loses, 2:39, Animation, 2014

Through situational vignettes, gains + losses illustrates the filmmaker’s thoughts on death and other personal, day-to-day anxieties.  The work touches on internal grief, tempered with a playful sense of humour and lo-fidelity charm.

Leslie Supnet, First Son, 2:30, Animation, 2014

Leslie Supnet, How to Care for Introverts, 1:48, Animation, 2014

An animated instructional video on how one should deal with people whose personalities are characterized by extreme shyness and reservation.

Leslie Supnet, Second Sun, 3:04, Animation, 2014

The rising sound of drums emphasizes flashes of lights, images of the solar system and a post-apocalyptic imagining of the birth of our Second Sun.

Leslie Supnet, sunmoonstarsrain, 3:20, Animation, 2014

An animated visual elegy, mourning the death of Mother Nature’s children.



Cold Cuts Video Festival 2016