Deirdre Logue

Deirdre Logue  Pond Video Still, 4:30, 2012

Using bread and the fish in an overpopulated swimming hole, the artist tests her nerve with the act of reciprocation and her fear of the monsters that reside below the surface. Situating the body in initially reassuring environments, this work illustrates how navigating even the most pastoral landscapes can result in turmoil between animated forms.


Deirdre Logue was born in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada in 1964. She holds a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and an MFA from Kent State University. Her performance based film, video and installation works are self-portraits uniquely located between comfort and trauma, self-liberation and self-annihilation. By using domestic objects and spaces to contrary ends, her works capture gesture, duration and the body as both subject and object. Her practice is not production or ‘master narrative’ driven nor is it dependent on the use of tools typically applied in conventional film and video, rather her work is made in a direct move away from an industry model and is expressly personal, emotional and political.

Deirdre has also spent the past 18 years working on behalf of media artists by organizing independent film, video and new media festivals and participating in forums and symposiums on the future of independent artistic practice and film and video distribution.

Courtesy of V Tape

Cold Cuts Video Festival 2013


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